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"Counselling was a new experience for me. I saw it as a chance to talk out loud about how I was feeling, and a chance to listen to myself and (I hoped) to find answers. I felt willing to try anything to snap me out of the funk I found myself in.


From our few meetings I felt that you were a very humane, kind person. I do not often have the chance to meet people like you in my day to day life, which is a great pity. It was your ability to listen and prompt for clarity in a gentle way that helped me enormously. I do not think I could have found better for myself if I had tried everyone in Sussex. I feel changed by just 100 minutes of your time.


Although I came because of difficulty I found the meetings enjoyable and rewarding. Thank you for your help – I won’t forget it."

For more information and to book a free introductory session call me on 07899834396 or email me at 


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