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Having been a trusted listener since I was a young teenager, my first training was with the Samaritans, where I volunteered for just over 4 years. I then began my training to become a Counsellor at MSc level, completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling (accredited by the BACP*) at the prestigious Metanoia Institute.


Having become quickly disillusioned with standards while teaching for a local college, I co-founded and am a co-tutor on the CPCAB Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling course at Haulm in Hove.

I've been practicing Person-Centred therapy for 12 years in Brighton and Hove, seeing clients privately and for a local counselling charity, As You Are.

Being truly heard and understood by another can be such a rarity, and I went a long time without it. The preciousness of such a seemingly simple thing is rarely lost on me, and is part of the reason I love being a counselor and tutor. The touching humanity of the people I get to meet with, and the ups and downs we explore can be hard to do justice to succinctly, but I feel honored that I get to engage with my fellow people in those ways.

The Person-Centred Approach has colored and enriched my life in a big way. For me, it's a profound and fascinating lens through which to understand and appreciate people and the world. It enhances my engagement with 'high brow' stuff like the arts, culture, spirituality and politics, as well as 'low brow' favorites like sport, 'trashy' TV and pop music. I can go on about the deep PC philosophy in Moana any day of the week, for example.


Like many therapists I also attend continuing professional development (CPD) courses each year too, to ensure I'm keeping up to date with theoretical and contextual developments.


*British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.



For more information and to book a free introductory session call me on 07899834396 or email me at


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