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In short, I offer you a level of attention, understanding, acceptance and realness that is rarely available to us in our everyday lives. This kind of presence, this way of engaging, this non-judgemental companionship while you explore whatever it is that you need to explore can be deeply therapeutic and ultimately lead to change.


Another way of valuing therapy is as a confidential space and time without expectations or requirements on how you need or ought to be. You can come as you are, whatever or however that is, and just be you. I say 'just' be you, yet in reality it can be really difficult to lower the facade(s) or the front(s) that we can all present to the world at times. It can also be difficult to allow another to see the world as you see it, or to see you see as you see yourself: for many therapy becomes a safe opportunity to try. To then be seen and heard and accepted in that can be deeply therapeutic and also bring about change. 


To be a little more technical, I practice the 'Person-Centred Approach' to counselling and psychotherapy, which informs what I offer, as well as what I don't do, and you can read more on the Person-Centred approach page here.

For more information and to book a free introductory session call me on 07899834396 or email me at


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