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"I was going through a very difficult time in my life and wasn’t sure how to work through it by myself. I haven’t always been able to open up freely to people, but felt very able to do this with Rich, who created a very safe haven for me: a chance to peel back layers and discover so much more about myself.


Sometimes I struggled with trying to interpret what I was feeling, but with Rich trying to understand too he always helped me see things with more clarity.


Rich was never judgemental and I didn’t leave any sessions worrying what he thought about me or what I’d done etc. I’ve never thought I’d be able to feel that way after divulging so much of myself, that in some cases I wasn’t even previously aware of.


Through working with Rich I’ve moved from a very desolate place with little confidence and hope to a much more rewarding place where I now value myself and understand myself so much more.  This was only possible through working with Rich.  Over the past few months it’s been a journey that has had its ups and downs, but during that (especially the downs) I’ve felt tethered somehow and been able to work through things and become stronger. The change I’ve gone through and the increased value and confidence I have in myself are the result of this process, of working with Rich."

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