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  • Develop personally
    - Understand yourself more - Learn how to relate and connect in more meaningful ways - Increase confidence and self-worth - Grow further into becoming who you really are
  • Reduce or share isolation
    - Hear how it is for others, and likely be able to identify with them - Connect with people with a realness or at a depth that is rare in everyday life - Form bonds that may outlive the group
  • Understand your place in the world by using the group as a microcosm / mirror
    - Understand others more - Understand more about your impact on others, and their impact on you - Notice, explore and maybe update your patterns or habitual ways of relating - Gain here-and-now insight into social and cultural contexts, past and present
  • Experiment with being yourself
    - Try out new ways of being, relating and interacting, and receive feedback in a situation that can help you process and understand it - Experience being challenged in a safer, more supportive setting - Test out different roles or sides of you that might be difficult to express
  • Heal, and help others"
    - Simply paying attention and bearing witness to someone can be nourishing - Provide or learn what is truly helpful to others - Receive support for whatever you’re struggling with in life
  • Enjoy your life more
    - Real relating can be enlivening in and of itself, regardless of what it involves - Receive the interest of others, and be valued - You may change how and who you are (in family, gender, nation, cultural, peer, work, interest groups etc) outside of the Real Relating Group

Individual therapy can be important and impactful for understanding and accepting more of who you really are, and yet there can remain a hunger or a need for something else, something more.


Real Relating Groups provide a uniquely insightful opportunity to explore how to be who you are with others, and help you:



“The most interesting experience of my adult life” 

- John Cleese 

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