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'Everything becomes a little different as soon as it is spoken out loud' - Herman Hesse

Counselling? Therapy? Psychotherapy? Talking therapies? The terminology used in this line of work can seem a little confusing. I thought it might be helpful to be clear about what the terms mean to me. 


Some believe counselling is therapeutic work in relation to circumstantial life events (such as bereavement or losing a job) and as such it is sometimes assumed to be shorter.  


Psychotherapy on the other hand is believed by some to be a longer process that works with long-held patterns, or more complex struggles and those challenges that are more interwoven with who someone is as a person. 


I approach my work with all clients without expectation or pre-judgement, leaving me open, able and willing to go as deep as the client wants or needs to go, for as long as they want to work. So whilst my training is in psychotherapy, I don't find it helpful or necessary to differentiate between psychotherapy and counselling.


'Talking therapies' and 'therapy' are both umbrella terms that include the many forms of counselling and psychotherapy. 

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