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"Counselling was a place that I could get things off my chest, and verbalise honest thoughts that I wouldn't say to others. It was a place to be my true self, without masks and conforming to socially acceptable ideas. I felt safe and comfortable in the space.


You were very non-judgemental. Even when I said stuff that I thought you'd judge me for. You never gave any indication of judgement. You always made me feel like I had a right to be sitting with you, even though I questioned that myself for many many weeks. I liked that you listened, and you did appear to understand all the obscure things I was talking about, and then asked for clarity when you didn't, which allowed me to explain in further depth, which again allowed me to organise my thoughts and explore them further. You illustrated an understanding of my situation which made me feel accepted and comforted and like I had a reason to talk to someone, not that I was just freaking out for no reason. You completely bought into the journey I went on and you always seemed to remember things we have previously discussed and the rabbit warren of thoughts I'd lead you down, so that each week I was able to advance further into the warren without having to retreat and recap things that had already been processed.


I would perhaps have liked tips of coping strategies with anxiety, though I signed up for your style and it has worked. Although I was initially unsure how it was going to work, I was surprised. And actually self-led therapy, I feel, equips you better for times out of therapy as you've already been exploring, investigating, critiquing and organising your own thoughts so that you're better equipped to do that alone, out of therapy, when difficulties arise. That's what I've found has been helpful: I'm much more objective to my reactions to situations which allows me to not get out of control.  


You were great, supportive, friendly, kind. I didn't feel that there was anything I couldn't tell you and you seemed to understand my obscure thought processes. And actually you seemed to enjoy the journey also which was kind of exciting - I felt we were working as a team, investigating this strange person and creating a case study and characters."





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